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Panoramic view of Hermoupolis with the two hills. Ano Syros and Vrontado


      Syros is found in the centre of Cyclades, between Mykonos and Kythnos and southly-western from Tinos.Its extension is 84 sq km and the distance from Piraeus 83 naval miles. Connection with the central harbour of the country (Piraeus) is daily, with duration from 2 until 4 hours ,depending on the type of the ship.

      You can find boat to Syros here : or Viva

      There are flights from and to Athens also (trip duration 25 min). Another way of reaching Syros is via Myconos island. Flights from all over Europe arrive there (London, Milan, Rome , Geneva, Paris etc) and then catch the boat from Myconos to Syros ( 20mins to 1 hour).

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      The surface is rocky with many hills.The capital and harbour of the island (from the safest harbours of entire Greece), Ermoypolis is built on two hills ,with magnificent buildings, old well preserved mansions and imposing churches.

      Kini, Azolimnos, Galissas, Posidonia ([Delagkratsia]), Finikas, Vari, Megas Gialos are the villages of the island which are distinguished for their beauty and their clean beaches.

      Ano Syros  is a well maintained medieval state with the church of Saint George on the top of the hill.

The northern side, Kastri and Chalandriani will impress the visitors with the ferocity of landscape but also for the archaeological discoveries.

Chroyssa and Episkopio are found in the centre of island and were for the rich urban order of 19th century their countryside.That is why they maintain unique mansions houses, until today .

     The Town Hall with the central square, the  Apollon theatre , the church of Saint Nikolas (district Vaporia), the archaeological museum, the Industrial museum, the Art gallery, the Library, the Intellectual centre, the Historical file building are some of Hermoupolis sightseing. Syros with the separate physiognomy and the innate hospitality of her residents, offers to the visitors unique joy and surprises.

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